Departments of Energy Institute

The Energy Institute at Brno University of Technology has a long tradition not only of education dating back to the founding of the university itself (January 19, 1899), when subjects such as the following were taught

  • 1901/2 Theoretical science about machines (Prof. Zdeněk Elger - Heat theory for perfect gases and vapors, use of them for engines and inverted machines. Steam production. Chimney draught theory. General theory of single-cylinder and multi-cylinder steam engines. Gas machines. Single-cylinder and compound air compressors. Surface and spray capacitors), 
  • 1902/3 Construction of machines II (Prof. Ing. Jan Zvoníček with the program: Steam engines, steam boilers, compressors, blowers, vacuum machines, steam turbines),

The Energy Institute also has a tradition in the field of basic and applied research, which demonstrates the interest of many partners from industry and universities.