Climate chamber

The climatic chamber is designed for testing technical devices in various weather conditions including extreme heat and cold. Environmental conditions there are defined exactly, which allows to repeatedly compare behavior of the tested technical devices. The climatic tests can prove the endurance, reliability and functionality of these devices. The chamber allows to perform both stationary and transient climatic tests which simulate real weather conditions in complex way. Namely, it simulates the effect temperature, humidity and solar global radiation.

The Angelantoni climatic chamber allows to simulate diverse weather conditions typical for polar, mild temperate, tropical or desert climates. The important part of the chamber is so-called artificial sun (mobile system of lamps) simulating solar radiation intensity and direction of “Sun” rays impacting onto the tested object. Other parts of chamber are a machine room with technologies for cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification of air flowing in, suction system for combustion emission produced during car tests, CO₂ extinguishing systems combined with fire detection and control (PLC) system. The control system can handle with air temperature, relative humidity and intensity of global radiation from lamps.  The chamber dimensions and construction allows to perform climatic tests of separate cabins of transport vehicles and even cars with the running engine. 

Performed tests

Endurance tests of

  • Cars
  • Automotive components
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Solar panels
  • Devices exposed to outdoor environment
  • Cooling boxes
  • Heat pumps

Testing functionality of

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Cooling boxes

Testing of human thermal comfort

Comparison of two devices during the same environmental conditions

Testing of effectivity of photovoltaic panels

Standardized tests according to

  • ČSN ISO 10263
  • DIN 75220, IEC 68, US-SFTP, MIL-STD 810

Technical parameters

Thermodynamic parameters
Temperature range (with artificial Sun) from - 10°  to + 50 °C
Temperature range (without artificial Sun) from - 40°  to + 85 °C
The rate of temperature change (IEC 60068-35-5) +- 1 °C 
Humidity range (with artificial Sun) from 30 to 60 %RH 
Humidity range (without artificial Sun) from 30 to 95 %RH 
Stability of keeping moisture +- 5 RH 
Dew point from 5° to 49 °C
Artificial Sun

10 kW /1000 W/m2

 Dimensions of climate chambre  
Internal volume 152m3
 - Width 5.0 m
 - Length 8.85 m
 - Height 3.8 m
Door for a vehicle  2.4 x 2.2 m
Air Exchange
 Airing  3000 m3/h
 Service   300 m3/h

Technical equipment of the chamber

  • Solar simulator
  • Humidity recirculaton control system
  • Ventilation and flue gas system
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system

Reference commercial orders

  • Product test for resistance to extreme desert conditions
  • Test according to MIL-STD 810 standard with high temperature and load from solar radiation
  • EVPÚ Nová Dubnica 

Thermal management of an outdoor electronics cabinet for real-time image processing

  • Temperature and thermal management test for switchboards designed for the Mediterranean region
  • AŽD Praha

Test of industrial washing machines for hot and humid environmental conditions

  • Conditioning of the product at 35 ° C and 80 % RH for 24 hours and subsequent verification of the insulating properties of the electrical parts
  • Primus - laundry equipment

Determination of thermal resistance of protective gloves against cold

  • Testing according to ČSN EN 511 using Newton’s thermal mannequin
  • Holík international s.r.o. 
Thermal management of a switchboard for controlling probes of natural gas storage tanks
  • MontPetrol spol. s r.o. 

Examples of measurements for research projects 

Test of solar collectors with phase change materials

  • project: Netme centre

Development of models for the prediction of thermal comfort - verification with volunteers

  •  project: National competence centre for automotive industry 

Test of perception of thermal comfort in dynamic ambient conditions

  •  project: iHVAC – innovative climate control system as part of the driver assistance system

Measuring system

In the case of the testing chamber can be monitored measuring system built on components NationaI Instrument these values:

  • 60 sites measured by thermocouples type T
  • 4 locations measured with an accurate thermometer class A Pt100
  • 15 places relative humidity of 5 to 95% RH
  • 3 points solar radiation pyrometer
  • noise
  • vibration

Contact person

Ing. Jiří Hejčík, Ph.D.
Energy Institute, FME BUT
tel.: +420 541 143 284

Ing. Jan Fišer, Ph.D.
Energy Institute, FME BUT
tel.: +420 541 143 242